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Dog Tear Stain Remover by Petaware™ - Tear Stains

provides a safe, pro-active method to eliminate gooey ocular discharge and stains around the eyes, mouth and feet of your pet. Our dog tear stain remover works to remove dog tear stains that discolor the surrounding fur and irritate your pets eyes. Pets Spark is made with natural organic ingredients and is a powerful product that weakens bacteria until stains around the eyes are completely eliminated and unable to redevelop. By using our dog tear stain remover, you’re able to treat the root cause of tear stains, thus killing dangerous bacteria at its source and removing eye stains in a long-lasting manner impossible through other tear stain removal products on the market.

Each and every one of our formulas contains no wheat, preservatives or fillers, nor artificial colors or flavors. We are dedicated to making it possible to remove dog tear stains without putting any harmful or artificial chemicals into your pets’ body. Pets’ Spark™ knows that you love your pets and we make our cat and dog tear stain remover with natural ingredients in order to ensure that your pet is able to stay healthy and happy.

Petaware™ is very proud to manufacture a line of products with unmatched quality combined with the lowest price amongst the pet store supplies competition. Pets’ Spark™ is faithful to every animal’s well being, answering to those who care about them most — their owners.

Pets’ Spark™ provides an exceptional solution for removing cat and dog tear stains. When you shop with Pets’ Spark, discover the difference of a pet tear stain remover that leads to long-lasting results and is made with completely natural components.

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